Family Charades

Planning a family game night? Get ready for a night of entertainment and friendly competition with our selection of family Charades ideas!

Spice up your family game night with a round of Charades! This classic guessing game is a fun way to get the whole family involved and showcase their acting chops.

Everyone can enjoy this variety of Charades ideas whether you’ve got young children or teenagers. This ultimate list of family Charades ideas will bring excitement and laughs to your family game night.

How to play Charades

Charades is a guessing game for two or more people. It’s accessible to players of all ages and can be played in almost any setting.

To begin, divide your players into teams. Then decide which team will go first.

For the first team, pick a person to be the “actor” or the player who acts out the word or phrase. The actor can’t talk and only uses physical actions to communicate the word or phrase.

A one-minute timer begins, and the actor starts acting out their word or phrase. Their team members must guess the word or phrase before time runs out.

Once a team guesses correctly, they score one point, and the other team goes next. Tally up the points at the end of the game, and the team with the most points wins!

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Fun Charades ideas for family

Fun Charades ideas

Playing Charades with young kids? Here are some ideas that will get them excited:

1. Elephant

That’s a long limb!

2. Firefighter


3. Ice cream

Don’t let it melt!

4. Dinosaur


5. Superhero

Flying through the sky!

6. Butterfly

Fluttering wings!

7. Pirate

Searching for treasure!

8. Astronaut

Floating in space!

9. Ballerina

Graceful twirls!

10. Cowboy


11. Princess

Waving a magic wand!

12. Robot

Beep, boop!

13. Clown

Silly tricks and jokes!

14. Mermaid

Swimming in the ocean!

15. Chef

Stirring and tasting!

16. Lion


17. Fairy

Sprinkling magic dust!

18. Doctor

Checking a patient’s heartbeat!

19. Ninja

Stealthy moves.

20. Racecar driver

Speeding on the track!

21. Witch

Cackling and casting spells!

22. Knight

Wielding a sword!

23. Magician

Performing amazing tricks!

24. Farmer

Planting and harvesting!

25. Ballet dancer

Elegant ballet poses!

26. Baker

Baking bread!

27. Dog

Who’s a good boy?

28. Rockstar

Strumming the guitar and rocking out!

29. Construction worker

Building with tools!

30. Safari explorer

Spotting wild animals!

Sports Charades ideas for family

Sports Charades ideas

Time to get physical! Here are some sports-themed Charades ideas that will get your whole family up and moving:

1. Swimming

Don’t drown!

2. Running

Faster, faster!

3. Basketball

Think you can shoot a three-pointer?

4. Tennis


5. Soccer

Kicking the ball!

6. Baseball

Swinging for the fences!

7. Golf

Putting for a hole-in-one!

8. Volleyball

Spiking the ball!

9. Gymnastics

Flipping and twirling!

10. Ice hockey

Slap shot!

11. Football

Throwing a touchdown pass!

12. Skiing

Carving down the slopes!

13. Figure skating

Elegant spins and jumps!

14. Surfing

Riding the waves!

15. Wrestling

Executing a powerful takedown!

16. Bowling

Striking down the pins!

17. Rugby

Tackling with full force!

18. Archery

Aim for the bullseye!

19. Martial arts

Show off those moves!

20. Cricket

Hitting a six!

21. Badminton

Smash the shuttlecock!

22. Cycling

Pedaling to victory!

23. Diving

Exploring underwater!

24. Skateboarding

Performing tricks on the halfpipe!

25. Snowboarding


26. Table tennis

Serving and returning shots!

27. Roller Skating

Just like Barbie!

28. Boxing

Dodging and weaving!

29. Horseback Riding

Equestrian skills and jumping!

30. Karate


Food Charades ideas for family

Food Charades ideas for family

For those with a sweet tooth! Here are some Charades ideas based on food and drinks:

Who doesn’t love them?

2. Apple pie

Delicious and sweet!

3. Pizza

Fresh out of the oven!

4. Donut

Tasty with a cup of coffee!

5. Ice cream sundae

Sprinkles, please!

6. Hamburger

Juicy and mouthwatering!

7. Sushi

Rolling up deliciousness!

8. Taco

Spicy and flavorful!

9. Pancakes

Stack ’em up high!

10. Watermelon

Refreshing and juicy!

11. Popcorn

Crunchy movie snack!

12. French fries

Crispy and golden!

13. Chicken wings

Saucy and finger-licking good!

14. Spaghetti

Twirling pasta on a fork!

15. Cupcake

Frosted delight!

16. Salad

Fresh and healthy greens!

17. Carrots

Crunchy, sweet, and great for vision!

18. Apples

Crisp and wholesome, an apple a day…

19. Burrito

Wrapping up the flavors!

20. Pineapple

Tropical sweetness!

21. Nachos

Cheesy and loaded!

22. Omelette

Fluffy and filled with goodness!

23. Bananas

Peelable, potassium-rich energy boosters!

24. Corn Flakes

Crunchy breakfast cereal, often served with milk!

25. Cheesecake

Creamy and decadent!

26. Hot dog

Classic ballpark treat!

27. Mashed potatoes

Smooth and buttery!

28. Fried chicken

Crispy and satisfying!

29. Jelly

Wobbly and sweet, often in bright colors!

30. Yogurt

Creamy and tangy, often with fruit!

31. Guacamole

Creamy and flavorful dip!

32. Croissant

Buttery and flaky pastry!

33. Peanut Butter

Sticky and spreadable, great with jelly!

34. Toast

Bread turned golden brown and crispy!

35. Caramel apple

Sweet and sticky fall treat!

Family movies Charades ideas

Family movies Charades ideas

Time for a movie night? Here are some family movies that will get your Charades game going:

1. The Lion King

Hakuna Matata!

2. Toy Story

You’ve got a friend in me!

3. Frozen

Let it go, let it go!

4. Up

Adventure is out there!

5. Finding Nemo

Just keep swimming!

6. Moana

Sailing the open sea!

7. The Incredibles

Saving the day with superpowers!

8. Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time!

9. The Wizard of Oz

Following the yellow brick road!

10. Shrek

Ogres have layers!

11. Aladdin

A whole new world!

12. The Little Mermaid

Under the sea adventures!

13. Mary Poppins


14. The Jungle Book

Swinging with the animals!

15. Home Alone

Protecting the house from burglars!

16. Inside Out

Exploring emotions within a young girl’s mind!

17. Harry Potter

Wizards and magical spells!

18. How to Train Your Dragon

A boy and his dragon friend!

19. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A magical tour of a chocolate factory!

20. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Phone home!

21. The Karate Kid

Wax on, wax off!

22. Ice Age

Prehistoric animals on a quest!

23. Minions

The hilarious escapades of the lovable Minions!

24. Despicable Me

Minions and villainous schemes!

25. The Addams Family

Spooky and kooky fun!

26. Ratatouille

Follow sanitary practices, folks.

27. The LEGO Movie

A world of LEGO and an extraordinary adventure!

28. The Polar Express

Believing in the magic of Christmas!

29. Zootopia

A city of animals solving crimes!

30. Sing

A singing competition like no other!

Jobs Charades ideas for family

Jobs Charades ideas

You’ve got the skills! Here are some job-themed Charades ideas that your family will have a blast acting out:

1. Doctor

Check those vitals!

2. Chef


3. Singer

Let me hear you sing!

4. Firefighter

Think you can handle the heat?

5. Hairdresser

Snipping and styling!

6. Astronomer

Studying the wonders of the universe.

7. Teacher

Sharing knowledge and shaping minds!

8. Astronaut

Blast off to outer space!

9. Athlete

Running, jumping, and scoring!

10. Engineer

Building bridges and designing structures!

11. Veterinarian

Caring for furry friends!

12. Pilot

Flying high in the sky!

13. Actor/Actress

Lights, camera, action!

14. Farmer

Tending to crops and animals!

15. Nurse

Care and comfort.

16. Photographer

Capture those memories!

17. Architect

Designing impressive buildings!

18. Mechanic

Fix cars and engines!

19. Scientist

Conducting experiments and making discoveries!

20. Artist

Create beautiful works of art!

21. Marine biologist

What lives underneath the seas?

22. Journalist

Reporting news and uncovering stories!

23. Librarian

A wealth of knowledge needs a guide.

24. Lifeguard

We thank you for your service.

25. Plumber

Fixing leaks and unclogging pipes!

26. Electrician


27. Banker

That’s a lot of money.

28. Lawyer

Justice prevails.

29. Carpenter

Crafting and building with wood!

30. Dancer

Move to the rhythm!

Explore the ultimate collection of the best Charades ideas, carefully selected for maximum fun and entertainment at your next gathering.

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