Kids Charades ideas

Find fun and engaging Charades ideas for kids in our ultimate list. Perfect for family game nights!

Just because Charades is a classic party game doesn’t mean it has to be adults-only fun! Even kids can join in on the laughs and take turns performing wild, unexpected, and hilarious acts to get their teammates to guess the correct answer.

Because it’s so simple, Charades for kids is a great way to entertain children of all ages. It’s an excellent way to help them learn new words and develop their communication skills in a fun way.

How to play Charades

To ensure everyone gets the hang of it, start by choosing a few words or phrases that are easy to act out. If this is your first time playing, it’s best to pick simple words that kids can understand.

For example, “apple,” “dog,” or “soccer ball.” Once everyone is comfortable with the basics, you can move on to more complex words and phrases.

To begin, divide your group into teams. Each team picks the first person to be the “actor” or the one who acts out the word or phrase. The actor then chooses or receives a word or phrase from the other team.

The actor has one minute to act out their word without speaking or making noises, and their team must guess it. If their team guesses correctly, they get a point. If they don’t and the timer runs out, it’s the other team’s turn.

The game continues until all words and phrases have been guessed. The team with the most points wins!

Best Charades word generator

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Easy Charades ideas for kids

Easy Charades ideas for kids

Need some extra inspiration? Here are a few easy ideas that kids of all ages will love.

1. Balloon

Don’t let it pop!

2. Pizza


3. Bicycle

Give it a ride.

4. School bus

Time to board.

5. Robot

Act like a machine.

6. Butterfly

Flutter your wings.

7. Guitar

Strum the strings.

8. Lion

Roar like a king.

9. Firefighter

Put out the fire.

10. Astronaut

No gravity.

11. Monkey

Just keep swingin’!

12. Penguin

Waddle around.

13. Doctor

Check a patient’s heartbeat.

14. Kangaroo

Hop like a kangaroo.

15. Magician

Perform a magic trick.

16. Elephant

Trumpet like an elephant.

17. Surfer

Ride the waves!

18. Ballerina

En pointe.

19. Pirate


20. Chef

Save something for me!

21. Snowman


22. Superman

Soar through the skies!

23. Cowgirl/Cowboy


24. Witch

Cast a spell.

25. Dolphin

Leap out of the water.

26. Construction worker

Hammer and build.

27. Mermaid

Under the sea.

28. Rockstar

Strum a guitar and sing.

29. Clown

Make them laugh!

30. Football player

Score a touchdown.

31. Princess

Your Royal Highness.

32. Race car driver

Speed around the track.

33. Detective

Think you can solve a mystery?

34. Scarecrow

Stand still and scare away birds.

35. Spider

Crawl like a spider.

36. Astronomer

Look beyond the stars!

37. Hula dancer

Swing your hips.

38. Bee

Don’t sting anyone!

39. Soldier

March and salute.

40. Statue of Liberty

Hold a torch high.

41. Skater


42. Fairy

Does anyone have any magic dust?

43. Cake

Everybody loves dessert.

44. Frog

Leap and croak.

45. Teacher

Write on an imaginary chalkboard.

46. Racehorse

Gallop at full speed.

47. Spiderman

Shoot webs and climb walls.

48. Gymnast

Tumble and do flips.

49. Ghost


50. Painter

Create a masterpiece.

Exciting Charades ideas for kids

Exciting Charades ideas for kids

Turn things up a notch! Here are a few more exciting ideas to keep your kids on their toes.

1. Ninja

Take on a secret mission.

2. Vampire

Beware, it’s after sundown!

3. Basketball

Shoot and score!

4. Karate

Show your moves.

5. Roller coaster

Hold on tight!

6. Soccer player

Go for the goal!

7. Pirate Ship

Sail the high seas!

8. Popcorn

Jump and pop!

9. Dinosaur

Stomp and roar!

10. Ice cream cone

Lick it up!

11. Cowboy hat

Tip your hat and ride off into the sunset.

12. Rainstorm

Shake and make thunder!

13. Police officer

Give commands and catch the bad guys.

14. Statue

Stand still like a statue.

15. Ice skater

Glide and twirl on the ice.

16. Magician’s hat

Pull out a rabbit!

17. Frog prince

Give a royal hop.

18. Lightning bolt

Crackle with electric energy.

19. Astronaut helmet

Float in space with your helmet on.

20. Cupcake

Sprinkle on the frosting.

21. Bubblegum


22. Sailing a boat

Raise the sails and catch the wind.

23. Bubble bath

Blow and pop bubbles.

24. Disco dancer

Boogie down on the dance floor.

25. Alien

Walk and talk like an extraterrestrial.

26. Bat

Fly through the night sky!

27. Dragon

Breathe fire and soar.

28. Fortune teller

Read imaginary crystal balls.

29. Kangaroo pouch

Hop and carry a joey.

30. Parkour

Leap and jump through obstacles.

31. Fireworks

Explode and light up the sky.

32. Astronomer’s telescope

Peer through and discover stars.

33. Sleeping beauty

Lie in a deep sleep and wait for a prince.

34. Bumblebee

Buzz and collect pollen.

35. Rock climber

Scale a mountain wall.

36. Jellyfish

Float gracefully in the ocean.

37. Racehorse jockey

Ride a galloping horse to victory.

Crack open and reveal a message.

39. Olympic athlete

Compete and go for the gold.

40. Penguin waddle

Take small steps and flap your wings.

41. Bowling

Roll and knock down the pins.

42. Pumpkin carving

Scoop out the insides and carve a spooky face.

43. Flamenco dancer

Stomp and twirl in a traditional Spanish dance.

44. Hot air balloon

Soar high above the clouds.

45. Windmill

Spin those arms!

46. Robot dance

Move like a mechanical robot.

47. Traffic cop

Direct imaginary traffic with hand signals.

48. Batting a baseball

Think you can hit a home run?

49. Dog walker

Dream job.

50. Hiking

Marvel at the beauty of nature!

Dive into a world of laughter and entertainment with our compilation of the best Charades ideas — perfect for adding excitement and creativity to your next family or friends’ get-together.

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